BEi Office
Our History

The Beginning
On August 1, 1991 Bryant Engineering, Inc. (BEi) opened for business on a cattle farm located on Wrights Landing Road. The site was to eventually become the Summit Country Club, a golf and residential community with an 18-hole golf course designed and constructed by Don Charles of Winston Salem, North Carolina. The office consisted of a three bedroom farm house which was shared by the Summit project and sales staff, led by Si Deane, Don Charles and his construction crew, and BEi.
Bryant Engineering had the kitchen and one small bedroom. Don Charles had the two back bedrooms, while the living room became the project/sales office. A secretary/receptionist, basic office equipment and a single phone line with sporadic service were shared by all.

Bryant Engineering was founded by Don Bryant, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to enter private practice as a professional civil engineer and land surveyor. The dream became a reality following an early morning meeting with Billy Joe Miles at a local restaurant, complete with hot cinnamon rolls and lots of melted butter. Without Billy Joe’s encouragement and support, BEi would probably have never been more than a pipe dream.

  • 1991
    During the first year, the Summit project consumed our limited resources. The client base grew and the workload demanded expanding staff and resources to meet those demands. In 1992, BEi leased office space at 3005 Fairview Drive, expanded to two (2) survey crews and added office support staff.
  • 1994
    David Weaver joined Bryant Engineering as a project engineer. David, both a licensed professional engineer and licensed land surveyor, added experience in numerous civil engineering applications.

  • 2001
    Jason Baker joined Bryant Engineering as a project engineer. Jason brought a background in mechanical engineering to the team and soon after obtained his license as a professional engineer.

  • 2002
    Jason Baker became a managing partner and joined Don Bryant in leading the BEi team. BEi then added Bill Weikel to its staff as the director of land surveying and project manager.
  • 2005
    Don Bryant, Jason Baker, and David Weaver, formed WBW, LLC. Under WBW, LLC, they purchased an office building at 4215 Benttree Drive in Owensboro to better meet the needs of its growing staff and increased clientele.

  • 2008
    David Weaver became a managing partner for Bryant Engineering. The managing partners began a transition plan for David Weaver and Jason Baker to acquire ownership of BEi from Don Bryant.
  • 2009
    Jason and David acquired the remaining ownership from Don Bryant.
  • BEi Staff 2010    
  • 2011
    Under WBW, LLC, the group purchased the former Collignon & Nunley Architects office building at 1535 Frederica Street in Owensboro with plans to renovate and expand to accommodate the growing BEi team.

  • 2011
    BEi quickly dug into demo work on their new office. New additions to the building were constructed and much of the interior was remodeled to suit our company needs while maintaining the historic look and feel of the building.

  • 2012
    Bryant Engineering was presented with the Consultant of the Year Award from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

  • BEi Staff 2012    
  • 2012
    Don Bryant, the founder of Bryant Engineering, retired to pursue his personal interests.
  • 2017
    Bryant Engineering took to the skies! BEi initially moved to aerial surveying as an alternative to traditional survey crews traversing hazardous terrain. BEi began regularly performing stockpile inventory surveys in addition to supplementing time consuming conventional surveys.

  • 2019
    BEi Expands!

    Bryant Engineering set up shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky, opening an additional office at 1600 Campbell Lane, Suite 104C.

Looking Ahead
For over 28 years our desire to provide the utmost in professional service and client satisfaction has been a driving force leading to continued growth, and expansion of our service area. Our dedicated staff of qualified engineers, designers, and land surveyors with a proven track record provides the firm with excellent capabilities for meeting the challenges of both today’s complex engineering problems and whatever demands tomorrow may bring.

Today, Bryant Engineering has a staff of 14 highly qualified individuals including 3 Professional Engineers, 3 Land Surveyors (including dual licensees), 1 EIT, support staff of engineering and CAD technicians, an office manager, 2 survey crews offering both conventional and GPS surveying services, drone services providing topographic and volumetric analysis, as well as state of the art graphics reproduction services.